About Us

Michelle, founder and owner of The British Touch LLC, was born in Cambridge, England in 1981. Born to VERY non horsey parents, every spare moment was spent dreaming about horses, or plotting ways to get to horses, usually without permission, and usually getting grounded as a result!

Several years of working in different disciplines within the equine industry followed. Experiencing the highs and lows of Thoroughbred racing, eventing, fox hunting and even being on the crew for an endurance rider in Europe! 

In 2013, Michelle met Bruce, her now husband. An American, active duty Air Force member, stationed in England at the time. In 2018, they and their young daughters were relocated to McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, USA. 

Still with a deep love of horses, but no family around to help with the girls, a structured work schedule was not an option.. She attended Dr. Burak's equine massage certification course at Delaware Valley University, PA. The amount of horses that this British lady touched, with sore and compromised backs, led her to contact the inventor and founder of the only saddle brand she'd ridden in for over a decade - WOW Saddles - And with limited exposure here in the USA, The British Touch LLC was born!