Flap Styles

Most WOW Saddle flaps can come either a traditional butt (solid) leather or a quilted padded leather version.  The padded flap gives a superior contact and feel.  The rider’s lower leg stability is much better in the padded style due to the fact that the stirrup leather does not slide as easily on this type of flap.

The padded versions and some of the other flap designs are much more time consuming and complex to make and hence the price for these styles is more.  You will see Band A & Band B pricing indicated on each flap design below.  Check with your local supplier on the two price bands.

If you ride in environment where there is likely to be a lot of sand flicking up onto the flaps or you are not particularly good at keeping your tack clean, then we recommend the butt leather version as it will put up with more abuse!

Remember, all flaps have the ability to be put on the saddle in two positions and you can change these at any time.  They are most useful when you have a young horse and you need to use a slightly shorter stirrup.   By angling the flap forward you can get more leg bend behind the knee block.  The use of the forward stirrup bar is all so useful in this case.  As the horse becomes more balanced and in self carriage the angled back position of the flap and back stirrup bar are used.